2017 The North American Bitcoin Conference with Denys Zayets-tcUuvHB-dIA.mp4
2017 The North American Bitcoin Conference with Luke Powell-UhRRsXhqeH0.mp4
BOB Meetup Chicago - Decred and Cryptocurrency Governance Systems with Jake Yocom-Piatt-d6-fCcU_DtQ.mp4
CNBC Crypto Trader Decred interview with Jonathan Zeppettini at TNABC in Miami-4oKRVXGN6Fs.mp4
Crypto 12-24 Month Evolution & Decred's Place w_Placeholder's Chris Burniske & Alex Evans @ OKCoin-QQC3sWF-fG0.mp4
DA - Deep Dive - 1.5 rc1 - w_Dave Collins-gGQuY0kOt7g.mp4
DA - Deep Dive - DEX - w_Jake Yocom-Piatt-NuBkLA8o8ds.mp4
DA - Deep Dive - Decentralizing the Treasury - w_Marco Peereboom-4N8Fq1tU3XM.mp4
DA - Deep Dive - Privacy - w_Josh Rickmar-iWdA1C-SHSk.mp4
DA - Distributed - Africa - w_Akin Sawyerr-0aZfkqdLOcI.mp4
DA - Distributed - w_Elian Huesca, MX & LA Community Manager-N7GYD8zwOe8.mp4
Decred & Decred Privacy Presentation by Jake Yocom-Piatt, LA Meetup 9_26_19-JNPPMwr9TU8.mp4
Decred - Original Governance-9jlHSU8fZio.mp4
Decred 101 - Workshop and presentation by DZ _ TBC 2018-y5LWHCDjtl4.mp4
Decred Assembly - Ep1 - Intro to Decred w_ Guest Dave Collins (Lead Dev of Decred)-TDXu5Z20Bgk.mp4
Decred Assembly - Ep10 - OpenBazaar 2.0 w_ Brian Hoffman and Dr. Washington Sanchez-i-FwWij61-Q.mp4
Decred Assembly - Ep11 - Voting and Proposal Systems w_ Marco Peereboom-upGMxy-hu-A.mp4
Decred Assembly - Ep12 - Decred contractors and future proposal system with Jake Yocom-Piatt !-lLFkFrEpqZ4.mp4
Decred Assembly - Ep13 - On-Chain Atomic Swaps + Lightning Network w_ Dave Collins and Charlie Lee-RZ5bTs78bNg.mp4
Decred Assembly - Ep14 - $Crypto Estate Planning and DAOs w_ Pamela Morgan-SFteoMwso1k.mp4
Decred Assembly - Ep15 - Decred and ASICs-7K2sDhyjQys.mp4
Decred Assembly - Ep16 - Decred and ASICs Part II-8TPFIVYy_i4.mp4
Decred Assembly - Ep17 - What Gives a Cryptocurrency Value w_ CryptoHedge-1qEvMlI8enA.mp4
Decred Assembly - Ep18 - Analyzing Cryptocurrency - Past, Present, and Future-q22dIRPiZro.mp4
Decred Assembly - Ep19 - 2018 Decred Roadmap-Djl9rkUWscg.mp4
Decred Assembly - Ep2 - Decred Roadmap 2017 w_ Guest Jake Yocom-Piatt (Project Organizer of Decred)-bTD6_ZLOCMo.mp4
Decred Assembly - Ep20 - Governance - Driving the Future--rViMNjL2TA.mp4
Decred Assembly - Ep3 - Decred Marketing Plan w_ Guest Gautam Desai-c2pt-e-8-xk.mp4
Decred Assembly - Ep4 - The Lightning Network w_ Guest Laolu 'Roasbeef' Osuntokun-Auvwg8Gi5C0.mp4
Decred Assembly - Ep5 - Btcd, UASF(BIP148_BIP149) and more w_ Guests Jimmy Song & Dave Collins-vidzJO03trw.mp4
Decred Assembly - Ep6 - Inside the Box w_ guest @boxmining-pUTfQ73Q_lo.mp4
Decred Assembly - Ep7 - DCR + Exodus Wallet w_ guest Daniel Castagnoli-qTslR-L-TeM.mp4
Decred Assembly - Ep8 - Monero & Privacy w_ guest Riccardo 'FluffyPony' Spagni-kWw0rVtF828.mp4
Decred Assembly - Ep9 - Litecoin, Decred and More w_ Charlie Lee-0q7kapWMAX8.mp4
Decred In Depth - EP.9 Zubair Zia - Security + DCR Spend-FX2ZncHIAd4.mp4
Decred In Depth - Ep. 3 Joel Monegro - Placeholder Capital DCR Investment Thesis + Governance-l9JMxwARi1g.mp4
Decred In Depth - Ep. 5 Permabull Nino - Decred As Strong Accounting + Ticket Metrics-HxECplK3kAs.mp4
Decred In Depth - Ep. 6 Jamie Holdstock - Working for the DCR DAO + Development-A-zcLGSYxbA.mp4
Decred In Depth - Ep.8 Checkmate - DCR Thesis _ Value Stack + On Chain Metrics + Stock 2 Flow-2JbMWgJUoSQ.mp4
Decred Roundtable - Ep1 - BlockCon, DCR Exchange Listings, Segwit2x Governance-yhNWkq4Ksdw.mp4
Decred Roundtable - Ep2 - Brazilian Community, Tone Vays, Decred Origin Story-AORMKXODhuI.mp4
Decred Roundtable - Ep3 - Politeia Proposal System, Decred Voting Process, Analyzing Decred’s Launch-81EHBYvUcXY.mp4
Decred Roundtable - Ep4 - Politeia Technical Breakdown, Politeia Use Cases w_ Jake Yocom-Piatt-6oQYmLx0eTg.mp4
Decred Roundtable - Ep5 - Grassroots Marketing-2UKK0tzY-4g.mp4
Decred in Depth - Ep. 1 - Jonathan Zeppettini (JZ) - DCR 101-rcEJuN7zh2M.mp4
Decred in Depth - Ep. 4 Murad Mahmudov - DCR Investment Thesis + SoV Narrative + Crypto Economics-XkvcdjSH0c0.mp4
Decred in Depth - Ep.2 Luke Powell - Politeia + DCR Time-W6yUVq97cd8.mp4
Decred in Depth - Ep.7 Jake Yocom-Piatt - DCR Privacy-VAwQvn7BvpM.mp4
Defcon Battle Royale-37KjjdnuxUw.mp4
EDU.DCR - Ep1 - Purchasing Decred with Local Currency-j8EPi7ddKCc.mp4
EDU.DCR - Ep2 - Alternative Ways of Obtaining Decred-UAuR9Ikmuds.mp4
EDU.DCR - Ep3 - Using the Decred Block Explorer-5BiW-qHJOmo.mp4
EDU.DCR - Ep4 - Exploring Exodus Wallet--f2A8jXVDwk.mp4
EDU.DCR - Ep5 - Exploring HolyTransaction-v0qnOmyT3cw.mp4
Ep. 10 Alex Feinberg - Blockchain + Exchange Process-UBRjkjbmYDc.mp4
Interview with Marco Peereboom of Decred and Paul Snow of Factom _ TBC 2018-MgtBRlAfu2k.mp4
Introduction to Decred presented at Coinbase by Jake Yocom-Piatt (Re-mastered Audio_Video)-I-jSlqwNpSM.mp4
Lightning Network - Ep1 - Why Do We Need It-7uFhevIkuhk.mp4
Lightning Network - Ep2 - How Does It Work-QzY27b2REwg.mp4
Live with Boxmining to discuss Decred!-IWmICtDdiYQ.mp4
Placeholder VC's Chris Burniske & Alex Evans @ OKCoin's $DCR_USD Listing-FG0c07kXRzA.mp4
Politeia Challenge - Part 1 - Opener w_ Jake Yocom-Piatt (@behindtext - Decred Project Lead)-UlTtfejRoB8.mp4
Politeia Challenge - Part 2 - Effective Software Distribution w_ Donald Adu-Poku (@dnldd)-Tq7tSIBHty4.mp4
Politeia Challenge - Part 3 - Democratic Reddit w_ sudoscript (@sudo_script)-4ZVwxWPXDTs.mp4
Politeia Challenge - Part 4 - Decred Presentation w_ Tai Zen & Leon Fu (@HeyTaiZen, @leoncfu)-XMZh9rs6T_Q.mp4
Politeia Challenge - Part 5 - Grant Funding w_ Greg Weiss & Mitch Cavanagh-9NrVgb99A-U.mp4
Politeia Challenge - Part 6 - Politeia Here w_ Rob Walker (@irrco)-0llAnwfp5Ww.mp4
Politeia Challenge - Part 7 - Titan Seal w_ Philip Dhingra (@titansealed)-m8vvi6_vWps.mp4
Politeia Challenge - Part 8 - Immutable Campaign Promises w_ sudoscript (@sudo_script)-gQTBS0dYqpo.mp4
Politeia Challenge - Part 9 - Awards w_ MikeT (Judged by Jimmy Song, Marco Peereboom, Kevin Spiers)-koc9bvuH8m0.mp4
Politeia Presentation at the North Door by Marco Peereboom-GG72sfqRa_Y.mp4
Privacy Flow-cbfz5djbcb4.mp4
Ticket Splitting Software (Experimental Proof of Concept) by Matheus Degiovani-MtDZERLzJVw.mp4
Ticket Splitting Software (First Beta) by Matheus Degiovani-XsVJ1WWsWlA.mp4
What is Decred An Introduction-GAMp5V_gG1E.mp4

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